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PIKANCHI DOUBLE ~ Life is Hard Dakara Happy~
18th-Feb-2016 10:20 am - Long Time No See
yes it has been months since my last post...

as ever it has been quite hectic yet great 2015 and now we are in 2016...

2015 in summary is full of emotions but most memorable one especially towards the end of 2015 cos i finally after 26 years i went on my first trip over South East Asia..yay!!!... and futhermore it is to the land of the rising sun...JAPAN!!! it was a good experience...and yes i think I will be coming back there in the near future...

aniwae..2016...a year older of course and i have to learn to be more stronger than i was last year... well that psychological emotional stress from last June it does come back once in a while..yea i dun feel like i have gotten over that scare...but hopefully, with Allah's will, i hope to be able to go back to that happy me... well like what i was talking a week ago with my friends ifa and xing, all we need to do is to stay happy and do the things you like so your mind wont wander off..

so..this 2016..i have weddings to plan/help..haha..not mine of course...cos i haven't meet my fated one...or should i say i never had tat bf/gf relationship before...so yea...i need to plan my younger sis wedding and helping a close colleague on his wedding... then i just want to keep myself occupied so i dun think of my fears and anxieties....about the fated one, i hope he will come soon...as you know i'm not getting any younger...that 30 mark is coming in 3 years..hopefully by then i have this biggest life goal settled... completing half of my deen...i guess tats what everyone wish for..like what my cousin said a ffew weeks ago...haha

okay till next time then
20th-Apr-2015 11:19 am - how long has it been...?
It seems its been a while since I last updated...

Maybe becos I've been rarely online doing my fan girl stuff and has been gaming  more using my phone...

Well now I'm back to Arashi fan girl mode...

Gosh how many Arashi stuff have I not watched since last year's Kouhaku...

Only seen snippets of things here and there and vids that are shared by my fellow fans on Facebook..I think without them, I might have lost my touch and passion for Arashi...well I don't want tat to happen.

Arashi has been my source of happiness and joy that I don't think I will forget them so easily. Like that time when I went on a hiatus years back, I eventually went back to Arashi again...Seems like I can never shake them off...They never failed to turn a bad mood to a good mood in my life...

Anyway, so recently they released their Arashi Blast in Hawaii Concert DVD...and I managed to watch it (though I'm still waiting for my hardcopy to arrive)...and I really felt time have definitely past so fast and its been 7yrs since I started out my journey with Arashi...wow!!

now all i want is another AAA con...#wishfulthinking....

I really need to see Arashi LIVE!!! though i did had that opportunity around 3 yrs ago when Sho step foot in Singapore for Nazodi!! (arghhh!!! i'm still regretting not going for that event till today!!! >.<) That dream is still one of my biggest goals in life...Just like Sho said before...

"Write it as a dream, Read it as a goal"

I'm still looking forward to accomplish this goal...hopefully I will be able to achieve it.... oh well only time will tell... well I have aot to catch up on esp on their variety shows...well I did see the new improve AniShi and Sho is really lolx!!! now trying to find Abunai Yakai epi where Sho had to do the penalty for losing in Battlefield Zeus...heard he said/did something that might have hinted he is seeing someone...well he's human too..haha anyway will leave it here for now... :)
26th-Oct-2014 10:03 pm - Arashi's The Digitalian Album Review
Last year I did a review for Arashi's Love Album...and here i'm back again with my review of Arashi's The Vegetarian..OOPS! i mean The Digitalian..apparently The Vegetarian had to do with the Limited Edition cover of this album (see below) which i straight away tought of SALAD when i first saw it!!! lolx... Actually i wanted to do a review when i first hear the full album last week but i decided to wait till 22nd Oct as this is the actual release date for this amazing album....haha aniwae lets get on with it...


Well this album when I first heard the title, is this going to be an album filled with so much auto-tune? Well i guess everyone was expecting it to be that way...but its great to know that Arashi actually gave a mixed of genres in it...like they have 'One Step' which is non-digital and has that soothing happy tune....so lets take alook at my opinion on each songs...

Come in now..Come in now baby..Collapse )

credits to yarukizero for reference to the lyrics of all the songs in The Digitalian album...
okie this year or ever since i backed out from being a freelance journalists for a small internet media for Kpop esp on BigBang & 2NE1, i never get a chance to attend any press conferences. But thanks to StraitsTimes communities, the YG Family Galaxy Tour 2014 in Singapore Press Con. was being streamed live on their site!! Thus, we were able to tune in to the press con via our home laptops and computers..

Well from the looks of the venue, I know it was at Marina Bay Sands because I recognize the ballroom layout!! Yes, I went there for Mnet Asian Music Awards 2011 press conference... and that was my first time seeing 2NE1, SuJu, SNSD, Koda Kumi etc. less than 50m away from me!! lolx okie anyway back to topic..

Conference was suppose to start at 7.30pm but it was delayed till almost 8pm. To me is normal cos the previous press con i went to, except for those under RedSpade Ent. also had delays... so below is what happened..briefly...

Love the heat?Collapse )
10th-Sep-2014 01:31 pm - Tears of happiness & sadness
this week , as the title suggest...there were tears of happiness and there were tears of sadness

Tears of SadnessCollapse )

Tears of HappinessCollapse )
okie recently I have seen and heard first had about Arashi fans being scammed out of their money for the love of Arashi!!!
I'm still pissed off that this scammers have been repeatedly doing these unlawful acts for years since Arashi's popularity surged up in Singapore back in 2012 with Channel U showing VS Arashi on tv and started showed Sho's drama 'Nazodi' too...

When i first join this fandom back in 2008 and started yamaxkaze back in 2009, i never had such problems of fans in Singapore scamming other fans. In the first place if they are really fans, why would they want to scam others?

So yea here are the accounts in Facebook that everyone should be wary about:-

1. ShoAibaBoa
2. Valerie Chew
3. Carrina Yong
4. Leon Ang

Okie let me tell you briefly of these accounts.

she scammed 3 girls who are eager to get their hands on the Waku Waku Gakou 2014 screening tickets by giving them used or invalid transaction numbers to collect the tickets from Shaw Theaters. One girl bought 2 tix, so she provided her with two transaction numbers. Apparently when that girl checked with Shaw Theaters about the tickets, they told her one is for a past Maleficent movie ticket and the other is for WWG2014 but the ticket has been collected. Another girl who got scammed got the same WWG2014 transaction number and she only found out the scam after the other girl posted on yamaxkaze on the issue. And now she's out on it again scamming fans on Arashi's Blast in Hawaii goods. SO PLEASE BE WARY OF HER!!!

Valerie Chew...
She is definitely infamous in JE's LJ fan sale posts....repeatedly scamming fans on Arashi concert goods and yea even Arashi concert tickets which she placed at a price too amazing to get... not only that, i heard she even tried selling Samsung Galaxy S4 in some online mobile selling site when it first came out and it came out as a scam too when one user brought it up.. her email address is usually contains 'kiera_chew'...so if you have encounter such emails or hear the name 'Valerie Chew' in any of your social accounts especially when doing any transactions relating to Arashi fan goods, PLEASE BE WARY OF HER!!!

Carrina Yong and Leon Ang....
Both have close links with the two above people apparently....and when i got to know regarding the scam that ShoAibaBoa did, both kept getting me to add them in yamaxkaze...seeing how ridiculous some of Carrina's posts on FB like about being able to attend Keio University (you can trick people but you can never trick me!!!) well apparently i know how tough it is to attend that university cause i tried too once upon a time but once i read the requirements, i definitely know it is damn difficult for a foreigner to attend it....SO PLEASE BE WARY OF BOTH USERS!!!!

I urge anyone who has these users in your social accounts to BLOCK and DELETE them cause they mean nothing more than TROUBLE in your lives.
So 29th June 1989, 25 years ago, I was born into this world....25 years later, I'm working at the same location I was born at, Alexandra Hospital, and i can say this year my birthday was the best I ever had!! had the most wonderful and best time of my life!!! XD

Besides getting to see my Teddy and having a lot of friends & family wishing me 'Happy Birthday' (arigatou gozaimasu m(_ _)m ), another awesome and unforgettable thing was happening that day.

Arashi Waku Waku Gakko Public Screening in Singapore!!!

yes!! it happened!! on my birthday!!! the best birthday present I ever get throughout my 25 years!!XD
so i will go through briefly and roughly what happened at WWG...

WARNING! This report is from what I could roughly remember and is not in detail. I might miss out stuff or some things might not happened that exact way but I will try my best to remember what exactly happened. I also did some cross referencing with other fan reports (credits to yarukizero on some items in this report) and from some morning news reports. ;)

Ok lah, Terima Kasih & Friendship FIRREE!Collapse )



LESSON #1Collapse )

LESSON #2Collapse )

LESSON #3Collapse )

HALFTIMECollapse )

LESSON #4Collapse )

LESSON #5Collapse )


21st-Jun-2014 01:07 am - PinkDotSG & WearWhite
okie so it seems like there's a hot debate on PinkDotSG campaign and WearWhite campaign...
and everyone has different views on it...
so this is what i thought....

just my thoughts...Collapse )
3rd-Apr-2014 02:42 pm - Reunion~
So i had a wonderful reunion yesterday....and these bunch of people are the ones that i have been yearning to meet up again after 9 years...XD
I still remember the first time we met on 25th Nov 2005...we struggled, fight and laughed together for almost a month till our graduation on 9th Dec 2005... we all bonded...we all were like brothers and sisters from different parents...and after 9 years, we still feel like family...

somehow yesterday's reunion brought so much memories... so much happy and sad moments...it was really a time to reminisce the past years...and though most of us changed somehow but i never felt so happy being able to meet all my buddies again... as a resident organizer like forever, i am truly happy to be able to gather them again... they will be forever more the people i will treasure for the rest of my life..

Thank you Titans for making my day yesterday... looking forward to more gatherings... Insya Allah....

1st-Jan-2014 01:00 am - Recaps & 2014~
and so we left 2013 to welcome 2014~ 明けましておめでとうございます!!! Happy New Year!!!


saa~ so lets look back at 2013~

so in 2013...

RECAPCollapse )

and now 2014~

and so...Collapse )
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